High School DxD
—Sezonul 1 Episodul 3—
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High School DxD Sezonul 1 Episodul 3 - I Made A New Friend!

Issei helps the nun Asia to her feet and after she admits she is lost Issei agrees to escort her back to the church. On the way after encountering a boy crying due to a bloody knee Asia displays a healing ability. Issei gets a panicked feeling when witnessing the ability and even worse when they finally get to the church (Issei declines to go inside the church or take her any further due to a bad feeling); Later on after questioning Rias about the strange feelings he had about the girl and the church she tells Rias that the church is the enemies base and that being friends with Asia is the same as fraternizing with the enemy and to have nothing to do with her either for his own sake. Later on Rias and the group take Issei with them to kill a rogue demon (a demon who has killed its own master); Rias uses the battle to explain each persons chess rank and ability to Issei. Later on another mission to get a contract Issei arrives at a house and enters after no one answered yet the door was ajar to find a bloody body; a insane exorcist called freed who serves a fallen angel reveals his presence and that he killed the man because he was in league with devils. Freed begins to attack Issei and has the upper hand; even shooting Issei in the leg with a gun and slashing him with a light sword; eventually Asia comes in the room and screams at the sight of the bloody body, freed comments how she has destroyed his barrier (which was used to mask his presence) and also reveals to Asia that Issei is a devil. Freed tries to attack Issei again but Asia stands in front of Issei to protect him; So Freed attempts to rape Asia in front of Issei which causes Issei to ignore his pain and hit Freed in the face; Just as Issei is about to be finished off the rest of his clan arrive and beat Freed in a fight though freed is saved due to his master approaching; The Gremory clan flee via a teleport though Issei wants to bring Asia with them but finds out they cannot since the teleport only works for people part of the Gremory clan the episode ends with Issei struggling to try and rescue Asia though he is too weak to escape from Koneko’s grip.

High School DxD Sezonul 1 Episodul 3
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