High School DxD
—Sezonul 3 Episodul 5—
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High School DxD Sezonul 3 Episodul 5 - Last Day of the Summer Vacation!

Rias attempts to take Loki’s life with her as Loki commands Fenrir to destroy Mjolnir. However, Kuroka and swordsman Arthur Pendragon capture Fenrir and take him to Vali. Healed by the Phoenix’s Tears, Issei prepares to use the Mjolnir as the protagonists back him up to buy him time to charge Mjolnir and send Loki away, but not before Loki casts a curse on Issei. Sairaorg saves the others by defeat the Midgardsormr clone and suggests to Rias that they should have a Rating Game soon. On the last day of the summer break, the Occult Research Club and Rias’ family go their separate ways. At Akeno’s request, Rias has her go with Issei on a date. As Xenovia, Asia and Issei attempt to finish homework that they had not finished over the summer, Akeno helps Issei with his homework, where Issei says he feels bad for making Akeno help him. The next day, Akeno and Issei enjoy their date doing various activities while being trailed by Rias and her friends. The two manage to lose the group, but Issei then notices that they stumbled upon the red-light district, and tries to leave. Akeno then stops him, saying that if he wants to go in, she will go in with her, acting more like her age instead of her usual seductive attitude. Issei starts celebrating, but they are interrupted by Odin, Rossweisse and Baraqiel, who returning with them to Issei’s house. While Rossweisse helps Xenovia and Asia finish their homework, Akeno decides to tell Issei about her past life with her mother, Shuri Himejima, a priestess of the Himejima clan, and how she found Baraqiel wounded after a fight which lead to her marriage with Baraqiel as well as her death and why Akeno hates Baraqiel. She offers herself to Issei, who became conflicted as this action will only cause more harm to the girl. Akeno then puts his hand on her breast, and the surroundings suddenly glow as Akeno’s voice starts to speak out to the two, revealing Akeno’s true feelings for her father and she does in truth understands that her father isn’t at fault but she just needed someone to blame. Akeno apologizes to Issei for her actions and goes to prepare dinner. As Odin and Baraqiel are leaving, Akeno offers Baraqiel a bento box before he leaves. Akeno gives Issei a kiss thanking him while Baraqiel tastes the food Akeno prepared for him as he says it tastes similar to Shuri’s cooking.

High School DxD Sezonul 3 Episodul 5
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